Messages about/to Peter Troxell

March 22, 2004

Farewell to Peter

Dear Troxells and friends,

It was Robert Frost, I think, who wrote these words for the new-born JFK Jr., but they came to my mind when I heard, driving back from Florida, that Peter had died.

When the storms break for him,
may the boughs shake for him
their blossoms down.
And, in the night that he is troubled,
may a friend wake for him
that his time be doubled.
And at the end of all loving and love,
may the one above
grant him a crown.

It seems the measure of this man that so many friends would wake for him in the nights that he was troubled. It is years since I spent time with this magical person and his wonderful family but I treasure the memories of songs sung together, meals shared and laughter joined. But all those memories seem now suffused into the one over-arching memory of time well-spent when it was spent with him and of his elegant modeling of simple open-heartedness. Bless you, Peter, and love to you all. Anthony

Anthony McNaught