Messages about/to Peter Troxell

March 28, 2004

My sincerest condolences

Oh, what a tragedy. My heartfelt condolences go to the Troxell family.

I just heard about Peter's passing today. I haven't been able to listen to KUSP for the past week and I tuned in this morning during the pledge drive and hear that someone has pledged a donation in tribute of Peter. I immediately turned on my computer and went to the KUSP website and began reading all about Peter and viewing those wonderful photographs.

I had no idea he was sick. I was so happy for him when he retired (thinking that he was going to do more things with his family and community).

I first met Peter when my husband, Bruce, and I opened Center Stage Ticketing in Monterey back in 1985. I contacted Peter at MCT and asked if we could help sell tickets for his shows. He was very enthusiastic and consigned a few tickets for us to sell.

I've always enjoyed the Green Room and the last time I spoke to him was during the KUSP call in (I think just before he retired).

Lastly, I was deeply touched reading how Diana and the family prepared Peter's body for cremation. How beautiful. Did you not have to use the services of a mortuary? I'm always very interested in how certain people are able to go "back to the basics" and do things themselves rather than handing things over to "the professionals."

Though Peter is physically gone, may his spirit remain alive through his family and those people who have had the privilege of being inspired by his love of life, and his attitudes toward hardwork, commitment, freedom and responsibility.

Diane Rowe