Messages about/to Peter Troxell

March 18, 2004

The Man that Made a Kid Act

Well i haven't seen the Troxell's in almost 9 years but I sure do remember them. The most vivid memories are From Diana directing a play or painting a face, Lyle and a motorcyle that didn't didn't like him, Marinas illness and then there is peter. He and my dad Larry Harrison Sr. seem to be good friends. Any way my dad and Peter got me to read the part of a kid named Pud in a Play that I cant remember. That is when i discovered stage fright. But when I was done my dad and peter got everone up to clap for me. that made a kid happy. 7 years later my dad Larry Sr. died of a car accident. the troxells held a MCT memorial at their house. The only thing that I could mention was that I wanted to see my dad one last time... and Peter made that all come true. He came out of a back room with my dads first play on tape, "Picnic". Peter gave me something that no one else could. As a kid i dont think i could have thanked him enough but i do. Most people remember me as the skinny little kid running around where i shouldnt have or in the way of something. My heart goes out to the Troxells and my god bless you all.

Larry Harrison Jr.

Coos Bay, OR

formaly of Ben Lomond, CA

Larry Harrison Jr.