Messages about/to Peter Troxell

March 11, 2004

Never has a beard loved a face more

I've known Peter in all sorts of guises since the late 80s, via radio & theatre. We liked to hobnob about local radio, recent plays, movies - what we'd seen, liked and disliked. Figuring out what the next big play was going to be and who was directing and what the consequences of THAT were and who could play what and what WE wanted to play and oh, Lord, SHE wasn't CAST, was she? A pleasant, revolving dialogue that allowed us to not see each other for 6 months but then pick right up where we left off. He narrated Poe's The Black Cat for my radio drama show - one of my favorite episodes over five years. He was an advocate for my radio and stage work, as I was of his, and we appreciated each other's company.

However, I can't get a grasp of Peter without including his kids. I watched Lyle stretch from teenaged budding actor into talented graphic artist and husband and father in his own right. I also knew Marina, first as flighty teenager, battling physical odds, then blossoming with this amazing voice and holding her own on stage in Man of La Mancha. I know Ariana the least, but recognize the warmth that Peter and Diana have instilled in all of their talented offspring. All of that artistic sensibility. And what a blessing that he was able to hold grandkids who are so likely to carry on the talent wellspring. He is and will remain a gentle presence in all of their lives.

Peter somehow always made me feel respected. We'd see each other, he'd get a little twinkle in his eye and we'd hug and kiss. There's a warm soul roiling around in Peter that deserves a rollicking good hug because that's what you got back.

In my mind's eye, I can see Peter gracefully wending his way thru party rooms to wind up with a select few outside to smoke...sitting behind the ever present KUSP microphone at auction or on his Theatre show... and laughing...
I remember hearing the song An Occasional Man on 'Robin's Nest' on the way to KUSP. As soon as I whipped a bit breathlessly thru the door, I stopped Peter, Larry Blood and Robin in the midst of conversation with, "Robin, do you know where I can find 'An Occasional Man'?" Silence...then they laaaaughed and laughed...Peter was in tears, he'd laughed so much. That's my favorite memory of you Peter - sharing warm laughter, even if it was at my expense:> I know that so many others know that laughter and hope they can smile with their memories. And you,too,Peter - just much laughter. I'll bet you're smiling just a little even now.
I'm sending bolts of cool, healing cobalt blue energies your way - to you and to your family.

Mark Messersmith and David