Messages about/to Peter Troxell

March 18, 2004

Our Losing You

Dear Peter;

I so am saddened at your passing and will miss you in my life. Such a good man.

I never told you how I felt and thought about you - though I hope that you felt it. I am sure that love abounds for you in your private world but, I believe, you can't get too much of good love - and that is what I have had for you.

Thinking of you makes me happy.

I had the good fortune to work closely with you throughout the incredibly complicated and "impossible" to fund Station remodel - your good humor, honesty, creativity, professionalism and overall integrity infused me with good feelings and respect for you.

You dedicated so much of your talent, intelligence and energy to our entire region. All these years our world has been made better - sweeter, funnier, more informed and educated - by you Peter: Thank you so much.

A fine artist, a superior communicator, a strong leader and a consummate professional - dedicated to the betterment of our world - you will be missed.

With Love,


ps: I know it was not always easy. You suffered in silence. I had a feeling that something was amiss in the just past years. I did not ask and you never said a word. I thank you for showing me strength - you continue to teach me.

Myles Corcoran