Peter Troxell with a V-Neck Sweater

Peter Troxell

May 29, 1938 to March 17, 2004

February 3rd, 2016

Thinking about dad a lot right now. KUSP is going through more transitions and this always leads me to think about dad. I just added a great message from Jack Zerbe, not even sure how he knew Peter.

January 9th, 2007

An old friend from MCT, Brenda Hugins, submitted a new message about Peter. I have been getting a lot of spam from the contact form--a form for people to add memories and thoughts of Peter to this site--and I have been thinking of turning it off. I am so glad that I have kept it up and running. Thank you Brenda for finding this site and adding your kind words.

-Lyle Troxell

January 31st, 2004

Jessica Damsen just sent in a short video clip of Peter (and others) participating in the 2002 Hearts for the Arts.