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Oh my. Every time I see Peter's face, it simply takes my breath away. I know that many who have moved on are loved and cherished, but this man was truly one in a million. Thank you for sharing his smiling face. How can it be 10 years? Deeply missed. There might be more on FB - this is what I found.

Jack Zerbe
January 8, 2007

Don Peter

Many years ago, when I came to this country, I have the honor to meet the Troxell family. My husband Chris Hugins was friend with them. I remember Don Peter as a kind man, always with a friendly smile, always happy. I remember the kids teaching me english at the community theater and playing pranks on me. Thank you Adriana for speaking to me in spanish. Thank you for the love and patience you all showed me. Diana always beautiful. To all of you thank you. God bless your father.

Brenda Hugins
August 16, 2004


Tonight Elias (5 years old) said, "sometimes when I'm crying I think about Grandpa Peter dying and I cry a little bit harder, like when you are going onto the highway and you drive a little bit faster." I know just what he means. And now I've come to the site to cry, now that all of the children are asleep. Sadness is like a country that I go to. Can spend long periods of time not being there at all, and then suddenly I'm there, and it can engulf me. And once I'm there it is like I'm touching all of the sadness of the world. Dad is the conduit, the touchstone. And then I wonder if this feeling we call sadness is really all that sad. It feels mostly BIG and strong and fast, like picking up speed on the highway, like tapping into something powerful and precious and somehow beyond my comprehension. It hurts, it pulls, it swells and subsides.

Adriana (Troxell) Elliot
April 22, 2004

The hippie days

A beautiful man was Peter. I loved him so... Read all of Mike Lawler's message about Peter. This one made me cry hard - Lyle

Mike Lawler
April 21, 2004

Glad I read the stories about him

I came across this web-site while looking for Troxell A/V in Phoenix. Peter must have been a great guy. I was in Rock & Roll radio back in the 70's and have a great love of radio. Peter was one of a kind up there in Northern California. You have my sympathy in his passing. I wanted to say "I'm glad I read the stories about him."

Bob Coombs
April 3, 2004

Remembering Peter from the '70's

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Jeanne (Hubert) St.John
April 2, 2004

Through McBurney

On the day I die, when I'm being carried
toward the grave, don't weep. Don't say,

He's gone! He's gone. Death has nothing
to do with going away. The sun sets and

the moon sets, but they're not gone.
Death is a coming together. The tomb

looks like a prison, but it's really
release into union. The human seed goes

down in the ground like a bucket into
the well where Joseph is. It grows and

comes up full of some unimagined beauty.
Your mouth closes here and immediately

opens with a shout of joy there.

- rumi

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Natalie Kraft
March 31, 2004

Hi. I just got the word.........

Thanks Pete. Thanks for a some of my fondest memories - during those early days of MCT. They were great times weren't they? Thanks for "Miracle". Thanks for the times I crashed on your couch. Thanks for covering for me when I'd completely lose my lines. Thanks for taking care of my dog Rufus for 4 months while I ran off in search of myself. Thanks for being my friend. Selamat Jalan.

Roy Wittrup
March 30, 2004

In the Booth

Though I spoke with Peter on a few occasions outside of the studio, by far the most time I spent with him was at KUSP, where he interviewed me and Karl Schaffer every other year or so.

As much as it's possible to get to know someone personally on the air, I feel I did this. Being interviewed by Peter made all other experiences with media seem pale, impersonal and shallow. I looked forward to those twenty minutes in the booth because I knew they would be substantial, warm, unpredictable and fun.

I'm not sure how Peter fostered this rapport, but I'm so glad I got to experience it.

My condolences to Peter's family.


Erik Stern
March 28, 2004

May the ripples keep spreading...

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Chris Dunphy
March 28, 2004

My sincerest condolences

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Diane Rowe
March 27, 2004

Amazing and Inspiring

Peter Troxell was so amazing and inspiring. Whenever he smiled you could feel the joy he felt for life. I've learned so much from him and will never forget what an a amazing man he is. Thank you Peter for everything you've accomplished. Love,

Kendra McKinley
March 26, 2004

The world is a smaller place without Peter.

I already miss him.

Robin White
March 26, 2004

My deepest condolences to you

On the loss of your Dad....I have lost my wonderful Mother and I know to some extent what terrible pain this is! Wish you well!

Joe Vela
March 25, 2004

Gentle and Kind

Deeply sorry to hear about your father, he was a very gentle and kind man and will greatly be missed by many in this community. My prayers goes out to your entire family at this time. Sincerely,

Bruce Arnold
March 24, 2004

Dear Diana, Lyle & Family,

Our thoughts are with you and your family in this time of loss. We can hardly believe Peter is no longer with us. We'll never forget the numerous times we were interviewed by Peter, always the consummate professional. And he was a joy to work with when I created the KUSP auction poster one year. I guess what we'll miss most, is his sharp wit and humor and that booming laugh, which always lit up the room. We'll never forget you, Peter, or your influence on this community.


James Aschbacher & Lisa Jensen
March 23, 2004


A dear and wonderful friend is gone. I will miss him.

Robert Irwin
March 22, 2004

Peter in Heaven

I understand that Peter has begun casting "Miracle" in Heaven with our other dear friends including Chris Hugins, Bob Marr, Pat Smith, Karen McDonough.

Peter, You Rock! And we all love you so.

Bill Hause
March 22, 2004

Remembering Peter

I worked with Peter over nearly two years as a major giving consultant to KUSP. Peter cared deeply about the station and about independent, community radio. Public radio will miss him, as will I. He always had a smile and a ready story.

Jim Lewis
March 22, 2004

Farewell to Peter

From Anthony McNaught, a well written letter to Troxells and friends.

Anthony McNaughy

Thoughts from the Brothers

We just wanted to share with you that our thoughts and prayers are with you all and that we cherish the memories we had with Peter both on the stage and off. To try to put into words our feelings is to just scratch the surface of the soul-deep memories. We seek the words that fail us. We long for the thoughts lost in the undiscovered and the dormant cells of our hearts. To put it simple, we love you all. Thanks for the memories.

Tom and Jim Goldrup
March 21, 2004

A long goodbye letter to Peter

Steve A'della is one of my fathers close friends. A wonderful man. Please feel free to read his self titled "A long goodbye letter to Peter."

Steve A'della
March 21, 2004

Letter to Lyle

His love and devotion will always nourish you and your family, as it has all of us. B.Modern's letter.

March 21, 2004

Fond Memories

I only knew Peter & Diana briefly in the mid-70s, yet their openness and caring spirit has remained in my heart to this day. Seeing his pictures bring back very warm memories... God bless

Michael Katzman
March 20, 2004

Peter's Gone

Read Joe's entry about Peter's body and what we did in the days after his death.

Joe Hudgins
March 20, 2004

To Diana and family--our condolences and love

I have known Diana since high school---she shared e.e. cummings poems with me and we choreographed dances and got kicked out. After I had a child of my own, I met up with her again and then met Peter. I did not know him well, but always thought of him as "one of the good guys", one of the very few, and admired you both, for your relationship, your family, for what you created and co-created together---a truly wonderful life.

You found one of the good guys--I didn't. And now one of the good guys is gone. But I always knew, because of Peter, that they existed out there. I wish he would have known, wish I would have told him, how much I admired him, appreciated him for the family he created and cared for with you, Diana, how much he always inspired me, just knowing that such good men existed. Avi remembers Peter, too, and the wonderful day of music in Aptos he introduced us to. He sends his love to you all, as I do. I know you have many friends around you, but anything at all I can do, please let me know. All my love,Laura

Laura (Lia) Katzman
March 19, 2004

He Gave Us All So Much

Dear Diana, Lyle, Marina, Adriana, and your families coming along,

Just to let you know how loved Peter was to so many of us, and how we share your sorrow at his passing. Peter's joyfulness and fire, his careful regard, his intelligent, creative gifts to the community, his beautiful laugh-- he gave all of us so much, unequivically. How lucky you are to have shared his being in the world, and to have been influenced by his great spirit! Peter lives in our hearts and urges us on. Much love, Sharon

Sharon (Gladden) King
March 19, 2004

A Truly Great Light

My father, David Strand, just called to inform me of Peter's passing. Coincidently, not a week ago, although we hadn't discussed it in years, our dinner conversation turned in the direction of our prior lives in the "theater." Of course, Peter's name inevitably came up and we repeatedly marveled at his spirit and commitment both to his family and the arts. I grew up in Santa Cruz and had the privilege of working with Peter in several MCT productions during my formative years. My sincerest condolences on the loss of a truly great "light." He will be missed.

Meridith J. Strand, Esq.
March 19, 2004

Sweet Sad Goodbye

Peter. An indelible Cheshire cat smile that imbued our gamboling spirits.

Your laugh, your love, and you will always be with me.


Randy Birch
March 19, 2004

Dad's Passing

Lyle, and family,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I connected with your dad and mom only once when Lance, Joan and I visited one year near Christmas. This a big loss to a wonderful family.

David Rummens
March 19, 2004

From a Public Radio Colleague

I am so sorry to hear about Peter's death. I admired Peter from the first second I met him at a California Public Radio meeting six years ago. Peter never minced words and never hesitated to cut to the chase. It was obvious to me from day one that he was a strong leader and a supremely principled person. I really can't pay anyone a higher compliment than that. I hope all of you who are family and close friends of Peter will know that many of us who were Peter's colleagues are mourning with you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Brenda Barnes, KUSC
March 18, 2004

For my friend- Peter Troxell 2004

Marry Ann took some photos of Peter for an article for his retirement in September 2003. Tonight Marry Ann broought by the photos on CD and a print with a poem she wrote for him.

Marry Ann LoBalbo
March 18, 2004

Aired on the KUSP Memorial

My name is Claire. I first met Peter when he was 12 years old! His older brother and I were earnest, teenage "theater people" - who had no interest in the company of a 12 year old.

Fast forward to 1980. I'm still involved in theater, producing 6 Broadway Musicals a year in the Holiday Barn Dinner Theater in Scotts Valley. During the auditions for Music Man, a short, robust, bearded gentleman stood up and out came a full, round, hearty baritone voice. If he could read, we had our Harold Hill. Not only could he read, he read well. I looked at his audition form, saw the name Troxell (older brother pronounced it TroxELL, Peter and family pronounce it TROXell). I asked him if he was from Pasadena. "Yes". Did he have an older brother named Ron. Mystified "Yes". "Peter, for pity sake. It's me, Claire." I had to add my maiden name, Arnold, before the light bulb went off in his head - and on his face.

Yes, he did the role of Harold Hill - and did one of the best renditions of "Trouble" I've ever heard. (His daughter, Adrianna, did the role of Amaryllis) He went on to do leads in Guys and Dolls and Brigadoon with us at the Barn Theater and, just as we were closing our doors (usual cause: ran out of money), Mountain Community Theater was opening - it was a good place to send our no-longer-needed theater stuff, like glow tape - and it was delightful to watch it grow and prosper with Peter and Diana as part of the team. It was even more delightful to watch their children growing up.

You know, even more important than theater, radio, Gail Rich Awards and etc., there ought to be a parenting award. Peter and Diana's parenting skills are impressive. They did a terrific job of raising three worthwhile people. Congratulations for all things accomplished. Peter leaves a big empty spot in our lives and in our hearts. He will be missed.

Claire Hodgin
March 18, 2004

Go in peace, old friend--

In addition to the great gift for the arts and family and Valley we all shared, peter was a huge supporter of the Environment--and those of us who watched in awe as he spun his web of giving so much good to the community he loved, will be forever greatful...all good thoughts to you, his family, in this darkest hour-

The Haynes Family
March 18, 2004

The Man that Made a Kid Act

My heart goes out to the Troxells and my god bless you all. all of Larry's message.

Larry Harrison Jr.
March 18, 2004

My Dear Friend

I am so far away and I just heard. Peter, my dear friend and mentor, I will miss you so much. Your kindness and talent has been a guide for me for the past twenty five years. You were what I wish I could have been. To your family: Be strong during these sad times. My heart and prayers will be with you and Peter.

Dave Strand
March 18, 2004

Thanks, Peter

Thank you, Peter for all your devotion to the arts, for striving to be fair and strong and encouraging of others' creative process.

The rich tones of your voice will be missed in the community far and wide.

David Gilmore
March 18, 2004

Enjoy Life MCT

Peter was a dynamic and technical director, he made magic on stage and knew how to capture an audiance. He was a great listener, friend, problem solver and showed us a good time, for us all. When we had our theatre group parties, we'd play 40's music and dance that era, and Peter, Diana even Lyle knew the dance, we had a blast! We'd stand in a circle and cheer to everyone. Peter created a family in MCT even though some of us have departed somehow we are all still connected. God Bless You Peter!!!!!!!

Liz Steele
March 18, 2004

Friend and Mentor

Peter was a benevolent artist, friend, and mentor. I will always miss him and cherish the memories of our times together.

Mel Berry
March 18, 2004

Public Peter

Public Radio has lost a wonderful champion. I am personally touched by this great loss and have missed him on the email lists.

Lyle Henry, formerly Dir of Eng at KUSC
March 18, 2004

Honored to Know Him

I had only been at the station a few weeks. A lowly unknown who had aggreed to be the local host for Weekend Edition Saturday because KUSP was having a hard time filling the spot. I was at the station during the week for some reason or other and Peter came up to me, welcomed me by name and genuinely welcomed me to the family of KUSP. At a non-profit, people come and go but I was amazed Peter even knew who I was. Even more so that he was glad I was there.

My other memory was the outpouring of love and gratitude at his retirement party at Kuumbwa. I was honored to know him, even it it was barely, and to know that he knew me. Such a fine human.

Manuel Zavala
March 18, 2004

Good Bye

Sending love.

Robert Weber
March 18, 2004

Happy Memories

This is a sad time-- but I have many happy memories of summer days(and nights) spent in the Troxell household growing up. Peter's lifeforce was always strong and vibrant-- I can't believe he's no longer with us. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.


Chris Yaryan
March 18, 2004

God, we loved you, Peter

You were a warm, talented, caring and kind man.

...please read all of Bill's message.

Bill Hause
March 18, 2004

Sparkling Smile

Peter, your elegance, sparkling smile and ready wit will never be forgotten. They resonate within everyone who came in contact with you, like the tones of a bell linger in the ears.

You were the father I needed. You and your family gave me stability in times of turmoil. I can only hope to pass on the lessons I learned from you to my own children.

I love you, and am sending all my love and support to Diana and the kids.

Jessica Frye
March 18, 2004

Peter and Family

I love you guys. I can not fathom your loss. I hold you close to my heart with a sense of wonder about the amazing appearance and then disappearance of the genius named Peter Troxell.

Always with Admiration - Karin

Karin Babbitt
March 18, 2004

Diana, Adriana, Marina, and Lyle

My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Peter was very proud of each of you and loved you with all his heart.

Diana, your mother was close to Peter. I know she is hurting now. Give her my best and an extra hug.

Ann Wise
March 18, 2004

Peter's spirit will live on

My heartfelt condolences to all of the Troxells as well as to their extended family in the arts community. Though Peter's larger than life personality will surely be missed, his spirit will live on and on in all of the lives he touched. Peter earned his position of respect in 'his town' through his constant and unwavering support of theater and the arts. We'll all miss his hugs, so in his memory, give someone you love a big hug today!

Brian Spencer
March 18, 2004

Grateful for his Wonderful Influence

My daughter, Annie Born, loved the theater. She was priveleged to participate in many plays at Mountain Community Theater in Ben Lomond during her too short life. Peter Troxell directed her in several plays, and the enthusiasm and team spirit that the Troxells promoted in their participation in Mountain Community Theater contributed greatly to her life. The videos I have of the plays she was in, including a dress rehearsal where you can see Peter's wonderful talent for bringing out the best in each player, are my most valued possessions. Our Valley will truly miss this wonderful man. We are glad you were here.

Gloria Barnes
March 18, 2004

A truly kind man

What sad news greeted me this morning. I met Peter many years ago at a California Public Radio meeting. I was an outsider, coming from CPB, but Peter made a point to introduce himself and an effort to make me feel at home. I was struck by his sincerity, his kindness and how centered he was. On a later visit to KUSP I saw how he spread that warmth around the station. My condolences to his family.

Janice Bross
March 18, 2004

Our Losing You

I so am saddened at your passing and will miss you in my life. Such a good man.

...please read all of Myles' letter to Peter.

Myles Corcoran
March 18, 2004

Thank you, Peter

With tears in my eyes and joy in my heart I would like to remember Peter for being the incredible person he was. His love for his family, his community and the local artists to whom he gave his time and support so graciously provided a model for what it means to be a truly loving man. His love of life permeated everything he did. His trademark smile will be remembered and his big laugh will echo in this community for years to come. My thoughts and blessings go out to his wonderful family.

I'm sure wherever you are, Peter, they could use a good community theater. Time to get busy.

Garry Gerringer
March 18, 2004

I'll miss Peter

A sad day. Peter always acted like we had seen each other yesterday, even if it had been many months. I'll always remember performing in "Company" with him at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. Farewell, friend. Godspeed.

Tom Graves
March 18, 2004

Dear Peter in our minds

I have known Peter for twenty years, and for all of my fifteen years at KUSP. Peter, you were a man of wit and warmth, intelligence and thoughtfulness. Your leadership steadied KUSP in a time of peril. Your passion for the arts always shone through on the air and in the world. Your deep caring for family and friends is a legacy which will always be part of you. This is such a time of sadness and loss. It is also a time to celebrate a man who cared and loved and was such a part of our lives. Rest easy, my friend, now that you are in the real Green Room.

Eric Schoeck
March 17, 2004

My Friend and Colleague

Ah Peter, I will miss you so. We met over 10 years ago,kindred spirits in a not always friendly public radio system.

We both smoked and probably were seeking refuge from some conference outside by the ashtrays...

Our common ground was found immediately. A life in the theater, a passion for the arts and all of us marginal artists/bohemians, and a relentless demand that public radio be more than just satellite programming and pledge drives.

So many times you let me vent and vice versa, so many good heartfelt belly laughs, so much love for our local stations that we are only stewards of.

Your spirit of truth to power will always be with me, my friend.

And to your beautiful family, my most heartfelt sympathy. Know that your loved one lives on in many hearts.

Nicole Sawaya
March 17, 2004

What a Great Man

Here was a great man. Although not often enough, every time I saw him, I could tell I was in the presence of an intelligent, witty, and noble man. No, not often enough did I have the pleasure of his company. But I feel I knew him very well, because I knew him through his greatest works: his children.

Ken Laws
March 17, 2004

Public Radio

I met Peter Troxell at a public radio conference a few years back. He was warm and genuine person and a dedicated radio professional. I wish I had the opportunity to have known him better. From the way others speak of him, he will be missed.

Carl Watanabe
March 17, 2004

Your Spirit Lives On

From my first show with Peter and the many more that followed, he was and is a man of good spirit and his spirit is in my heart today and for many more to come. With sadness in my heart I say to you now, thanks for being Peter. To all of Peter's family I send my wishes for joy to return swiftly.

Brad Jenkins
March 17, 2004

Peter, Peter you will be missed, near and far...

I am so sorry to hear of Peter's passing - what a warm and wonderful man! He could always make me laugh...

Diana and kids, I am thinking of you... with love,

Patty Free
March 12, 2004

We're Sunday Pleople

I love you my Sunday friend. And I always will. Thank you for always being such a great friend. more of Sam's message.

Sam Lovett
March 11, 2004

Never has a beard loved a face more

Peter somehow always made me feel respected. We'd see each other, he'd get a little twinkle in his eye and we'd hug and kiss. There's a warm soul roiling around in Peter that deserves a rollicking good hug because that's what you got back.

...there is much more to Mark's wonderful message.

Mark Messersmith
March 11, 2004

Good Thoughts Your Way

I'm thinking of you a lot and sending good thoughts your way. I hope, Peter, that you are able to enjoy some of this sunny weather and the wonderful resurgence of spring. Late last night a mockingbird sang outside my window and I thought of you.

Although you may not be able to hear our thoughts, I know that many many people are thinking of you now and sending love your way.

PJ Swift
March 10, 2004

Peter Dream

Peter, last night I dreamt we were in your model A ford, careening down Lake Blvd on our way to PCC after sitting up all night doing homework and smoking Marlboros. Your wonderful old collie Star was also in the dream. Powerful, beautiful memories. Bev and I are with you, Peter.

Bill Clark
March 9, 2004


From the first day that I met him - your dad made such a powerful impression on me. He is a force of light and joy and goodness and love - and it just seems to spill out of him. He was magical and perfect in Miracle on 34th Street - and that is how I remember him most vividly. His smile is amazing and contagious.

Chris Dunphy
March 9, 2004

My City

I met peter for the first time on my first visit to san francisco in august 1967. he had spent the night at the airport with my husband (then just friend) bill because i missed my connection the previous night. when i arrived at 6:00 AM he greeted me with - "welcome to MY city" and proceeded to give me his own personal favorites tour of The City. it was a magical wonderful time that i will never forget, and i will never visit or think of san francisco without seeing peter in the picture.

Beverly Clark
March 9, 2004

Hello, Pierre.

You're constantly in my thoughts. What a friend in need you were in 1964, when my life was upside down. I'll never be able to thank you enough for the way you helped me hold things together at that time. Knowing you has been one of the real high points for me, Peter. Believe me, I am with you at this time.

Bill Clark